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Ended dialogue events


The 60 completed dialogues (in alphabetical order):

  1. General Education and Special Education: gender meets activsm

  2. Architecture, Journalism, Institute for Social Movements RUB, Museum for Art and Cultural History Dortmund: Peace and war: city talks in the museum

  3. Architecture and Cultural Studies: Victorian Architecture

  4. Architecture and Art: How real is reality?

  5. Architecture and Art Studies: Planful

  6. Chemical Engineering and Didactics of Chemistry: PEP and Teaching

  7. Didactics of Mathematics and Didactics of German Studies: Mathematics learning under conditions of multilingualism

  8. DokoLL and Political Science: Together we are strong

  9. Dortmund universities and Thyssen Krupp: thyssenkrupp Manager Cup (TKMC)

  10. Electrical engineering and spatial planning: Decentralized energy supply and its spatial planning aspects (DERA)

  11. Electrical engineering and spatial planning: Rational energy use and municipal energy concepts (REKE)

  12. Educational Science and Musicology: Aesthetic and cultural education from the perspective of educational theory

  13. Subject didactics: Mathematics to Sport Science and Educational Science: RADIO

  14. Photography, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, and Bio & Chemical Engineering and Prorectorate Diversity Management: The chemistry is right

  15. Photography and Dortmund Airport: Photography seminar at Dortmund Airport

  16. Photography and Mechanical Engineering: MBF Art and Mechanical Engineering

  17. German Studies and West German Broadcasting: Productive Writing and Interculturalism

  18. Equality and diverse sciences "Both and"

  19. Graphic Arts and Regional Partners: Drawing projects

  20. University Didactics and Counseling Center Disability & Studies: Teaching thought inclusively

  21. University Didactics and Counseling Center for Disability & Studies: Designing exams to be fair and competence-oriented

  22. University didactics and internationality: Same, same but different

  23. Higher education didactics and university administration: Diversity in teaching: International teaching and learning cultures

  24. Journalism and Statistics: Seminar Data Journalism

  25. Art History, Graphic Arts and Historical Gardens: The GardenScouts

  26. Art History and Children's University Discover Dortmund: Treasures and Stories from the Middle Ages

  27. Art History, Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Dortmund and Museum K20 Düsseldorf: K20. Museum Thinking Workshop

  28. Art History and Political Science: Politics of Remembrance and Cultural Memory

  29. Art History and City Church St. Reinoldi Dortmund: Why is the City Church of St. Reinoldi a landmark of Dortmund?

  30. Art history, art didactics and cooperation partners schools from Dortmund and Hagen: Project: City scouts

  31. Art history and rehabilitation sciences: Architecture and space or spatial perception and blindness

  32. Art, international art schools and universities: Prints from international universities

  33. Art, art history, cultural anthropology of textile, economics and social sciences: CHINATAG KULTUR at the International Meeting Center of the TU Dortmund University of Technology

  34. Art and State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart: Drawing excursion

  35. Art and University Administration and Prorectorate Picture exchange

  36. Art and Business High School Dortmund: White walls

  37. Art and economics: Art and Economics

  38. Literary studies and schools/kindergartens Desire for books

  39. Literary studies and art studies: Colloquium Life/Pictures

  40. Painting and Fine Arts/Design: The Detour into China (Francois Julien)

  41. Painting and Art History: Painting seminar "China

  42. Music and Education Studies: Children's songs and their history(s)

  43. Regional Planning and Architecture & Civil Engineering: Real Estate Management

  44. Spatial Planning and Graphic Arts: KunstwOrte - a graphic and literary project)

  45. Rehabilitation Science, German Studies and Schools: Media in inclusive subject teaching - didactic issues at the interface of literary pedagogy and special needs education

  46. Rehabilitation Science and Education: In the team to inclusive school

  47. Rehabilitation science and educational science: Cooperation and teamwork

  48. Rehabilitation science and computer science: Automata everywhere

  49. Rehabilitation science and computer science: Project work rehabilitation technology

  50. Rehabilitation science and religious education: Identity and Self

  51. Rehabilitation Science and City of Dortmund: Analyzing and planning urban spaces for movement and play

  52. Rehabilitation science and new technologies: Living with technology

  53. Sociology and the Protestant Church: WoMens OPEN University

  54. Sociology and Musicology: Gender in Opera

  55. Sociology and University Administration: Developing and Utilizing Cultural Diversity in Higher Education

  56. Sociology and Administration: Gender and Diversity in the Organization

  57. University administration and business development City of Dortmund: Clique: start-up coaching within industry and subject-specific small groups

  58. University administration and business development City of Dortmund: tu>startup LOUNGES

  59. Economics and University Administration: Campus Entrepreneurship School: interdisciplinary qualification offer

  60. Science and refugee integration: We can do it - but how? Current issues of refugee integration