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Best Practice Examples at the TU Dortmund University

TU Dortmund University is a member of the windo e.V. network, the working group of Dortmund's scientific institutions. The chair of windo e.V. is currently held by the former rector of TU Dortmund University, Prof. Dr. Ursula Gather. Since 2009, a working group of windo members has been active in making the family-friendly science location Dortmund more visible. Since November 2009, an information folder and a website  have bundled central questions on the compatibility of family and career for employees and students of scientific institutions and companies.

TU Dortmund University is co-founder of theDual Career Network NRW, in which 11 colleges and universities have joined together for an exchange of information and mutual support. This network will cooperate in advising on specific dual-career inquiries. At TU Dortmund University, the Staff Unit Appointment Management offers advice on dual-career issues and is supported by the Staff Unit Equal Opportunities, Family, and Diversity

The TU Dortmund operates a total of three daycare centers on the North and South Campuses. Here, children of university employees aged between two months and three years can be individually cared for by daycare staff. An overview of the offer and other childcare facilities close to campus can be found in our “Childcare” section.

Childcare is available during extracurricular events, guest lectures, conferences and symposia through the childcare service provided by the Mütterzentrum Dortmund e.V. The Family Service staff can put you in touch with them. The service can be financed, among other things, from the equal opportunity funds of the faculties.

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