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Organization of working hours

Family, and in particular caring for family members, requires time and flexibility. The individual needs are very individual, as they depend on the situation of all family members. A flexible organization of working hours that takes these needs into account is therefore of central importance for a family-friendly university. When work and family are compatible, employees are more satisfied and also more productive. It is particularly important here to coordinate working and childcare times with as much flexibility as possible - because (spontaneous) changes in planning are commonplace in everyday family life and must be able to be managed accordingly.

At TU Dortmund University, various forms of working time organization enable employees to meet both their work and family interests:

Employees of TU Dortmund University (with the exception of trainees and participants in the "Framework agreement on alternating home-based teleworking at TU Dortmund University" for the duration of the individually agreed teleworking period) can apply for and use regular mobile working. There are corresponding service agreements for academic and artistic staff as well as for employees in technology and administration. In addition, situational mobile working is possible with prior consultation with the supervisor.

Regulations in technology & administration:

  • Regular mobile working within the meaning of Section 2 (1a) of the service agreement is applied for electronically in FIORI. The link and the service agreement for this can be found in the service portal under Access to Fiori .
  • Applications for situational mobile working within the meaning of Section 2 (1b) are submitted directly to the direct supervisor.

Regulations in science and art:

  • Regular mobile working in accordance with Section 2 (1a) of the service agreement is sent informally by email to the function email address specified in the service portal and to the line manager, stating the period of time and the amount of time per week. The application must also be submitted to the Human Resources department at least four weeks before the planned use.
  • Applications for situational mobile working within the meaning of Section 2 (1b) must be submitted directly to the direct line manager.

If the demands of looking after or caring for children or other close relatives become too great for the remaining time after work, one (way out) may be to reduce the previous working hours.

The basis for the basic right to part-time work for employees who have already been in employment for more than six months is Section 8 of the Part-Time and Fixed-Term Employment Act (TzBfG). You should give at least 8 weeks' notice of your wish to reduce your working hours. The employer must agree; however, they can also reject the request for operational reasons (up to one month before the start). With regard to a good work-life balance, TU Dortmund University also allows part-time employment in management positions. The form to apply for a reduction in weekly working hours can be found in the Service Portal.

There are various ways to take leave of absence or leave of absence - with or without continued payment of salary. You can find more information on special leave in the service portal.