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SchuDS - Central advice center for protection against discrimination and sexualized violence

Discrimination and sexualized violence are problems that affect society as a whole, including universities. As a place of public education, research and work, TU Dortmund University is committed to preventing discrimination, abuse of power, harassment and sexualized violence and to creating an equal-opportunity, supportive and motivating working environment for students and employees. Discrimination and sexualized violence are pursued intensively and relentlessly at the request of the person seeking advice and sanctioned appropriately within the scope of legal and actual possibilities.

The Central Advice Centre for Protection against Discrimination and Sexualized Violence (SchuDS for short) at TU Dortmund University is the central point of contact for people who experience or observe discrimination or sexualized violence or who simply have questions on the subject. The SchuDS is there for all members and relatives such as students, lecturers, employees of TU Dortmund University and all persons who, with the knowledge and will of TU Dortmund University, are there temporarily and/or permanently in connection with the original tasks of the university.

SchuDS wants to continue to sensitize the university public and raise awareness and attention for discrimination and sexualized violence, among other things through preventive advice, campaigns and workshops.

You can find us here:

SchuDS office Emil-Figge-Str. 66/ G1, Room E 24 44227 Dortmund