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Diversity dialogs in studies and teaching

The diversity dialogs in studying and teaching at TU Dortmund University were presented on this page from the summer semester 2012 to the summer semester 2023.

A total of 70 courses took part in the dialogs.

The basic idea of the diversity dialogs was to actively shape diversity. Topics such as diversity, heterogeneity and inclusion should not only be addressed in research discourses, but should also be actively implemented in teaching concepts to promote the ability to engage in dialog with "others".

To this end, courses with heterogeneous partners, subjects, knowledge cultures and discourses met for one or more "dialog events" over the course of a semester. In addition to working together on the content of a topic area, the competence of interdisciplinary and intergroup discussions was also developed. The focus was on different approaches, different academic and discourse cultures, academic languages and the scope of individual issues or specialist disciplines etc.

The cooperation partners also determined the nature of their cooperation: e.g. a jointly planned course or two courses that exchanged information several times during the semester or two courses with a joint workshop as an intersection at the end of the semester.

All courses can be found below on this page.

Some events will be continued. Contact persons can be found under the respective dialog events.