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Diversity Dialogues in teaching and learning

Actively shaping diversity goes beyond addressing the topics of diversity, heterogeneity, inclusion, etc. in research discourses; they must also be implemented in teaching concepts. This is the approach of the Diversity Dialogues which started in the summer semester of 2012.

The basic idea is simple and resource-neutral: Over the course of a semester, two courses meet for a dialogue between heterogeneous partners, subjects, knowledge cultures and discourses. This means something other than interdisciplinarity, since it is precisely about the ability to engage in dialogue with "others".
In addition to working together on the content of a subject area, the competence of interdisciplinary and intergroup discussion is also involved. Different approaches, different scientific and discourse cultures and languages, the scope of individual questions or disciplines, etc. are taken into account.

For example, an event from mathematics and one from rehabilitation sciences could enter into a dialogue with each other. In doing so, the two determine the manner of their cooperation: a jointly planned course, or two courses exchanging ideas several times in throughout a semester, or two courses with a joint workshop as an intersection at the end, or or...

So far, a total of 70 dialogues have participated in the project:

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