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Scholarship for doctoral students

Doctoral students who receive a scholarship can apply to their scholarship providers for child allowances in the event of pregnancy and parenthood and inquire about exemptions. General information can be found here .

Doctoral students who have received a scholarship from Begabtenförderungswerk (Gifted support organization)  be granted a family allowance of €160 (as of March 2023) per month if there is personal custody of at least one child living in the household; children are defined as the persons referred to in Section 1 (1) of the Federal Child Benefit Act.

Female doctoral and post-doctoral students in medicine and the natural sciences can receive a scholarship from the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation: the support amounts to 400 euros per month over a period of one year. The financial support is intended to help relieve the burden of household chores and childcare in order to gain time for scientific work. These funds can be used, for example, to hire household help, purchase appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines, and for additional childcare (e.g., babysitting in the evenings or during trips to conferences). Funding begins the March following the appropriate application date. Payments are made monthly.