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TU Lounge

The lounge offers all members of the university a space where they can read in peace or take a break from everyday university life. The various seating options can be used individually so that small study groups can also think and learn together. Anyone who doesn't want to use the usual learning spaces will find a place to study here. Students with child(ren) can also withdraw and use the TU Lounge as a study and quiet room.

Ein grauer Sessel steht in der Ecke, daneben steht ein grüner Sitzhocker. © TU Dortmund
Two beach chairs stand in the middle of the room. Further back in the picture you can see a blackboard and a changing table. © TU Dortmund
A person is sitting comfortably on the gray sofa and has put their feet up on the sofa stool. Next to it is a gray chair. © TU Dortmund