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TU Lounge

The lounge offers all members of the university a space where they can read in peace or take a break from everyday university life. The various seating options can be used individually so that small study groups can also think and learn together. Anyone who doesn't want to use the usual learning spaces will find a place to study here. Students with child(ren) can also withdraw and use the TU Lounge as a study and quiet room.

Ein grauer Sessel steht in der Ecke, daneben steht ein grüner Sitzhocker. © TU Dortmund
Two beach chairs stand in the middle of the room. Further back in the picture you can see a blackboard and a changing table. © TU Dortmund
A person is sitting comfortably on the gray sofa and has put their feet up on the sofa stool. Next to it is a gray chair. © TU Dortmund


The TU Lounge is open to everyone at TU Dortmund University. It is always open when the university buildings are open, namely between 7 am and 8 pm. The TU Lounge is located on the North Campus in the Physics building and consists of two rooms connected by a door. In one room there are comfortable armchairs and two small sofas. The armchairs can be moved around as required to create small groups or individual seating. The other room is furnished with beach chairs and thus offers acoustic and visual islands of retreat. In the lounge you can, for example, read in peace or take a break away from the hustle and bustle, retreat with a child or think together in small study groups.

The TU Lounge can currently also be used as a parent-child room. As the parent-child room at the University Library can no longer be used on campus temporarily due to its relocation, the TU Lounge is now available.

The top priority for the TU Lounge is mutual consideration and peace and quiet. If there is more than one person there, this is particularly important. Talking to each other helps, e.g. you can tell each other what you want to do there and how long you want to be there. You can agree whether or not to close the intermediate door. And, whoever visits the TU Lounge naturally shows consideration for the furniture and furnishings in the lounge and, of course, for the people working in the neighboring offices.

The TU Lounge is located in the (old) physics building on the third floor in wing P1. The rooms have the numbers P1-03-111 and P1-03-111a.

Have you ever been there? Please send your feedback by e-mail to Dr. Ute Zimmermann.

If you notice any violations of the room's dedication, you can also contact this e-mail address or call the control room on +49 (0)231 755 3333.