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At the table - diversity at lunch

The event was launched in 2014 by Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Dr. Ute Zimmermann and Verena Bruchhagen. The special thing about "Zu Tisch - Diversität am Mittag" (At the Table - Diversity at Lunch) is that selected people from different areas of TU Dortmund University get to talk to each other over a shared lunch snack.

The first events had external diversity experts as guests, who provided a little impetus for the joint discussion. Since 2015, the focus has been entirely on TU Dortmund: The meeting places on campus change. There is a hostess or a host there in each case. The hosts have the opportunity to give a short thought impulse on a diversity topic in their area. Good ideas for the further development of TU Dortmund's diversity culture are then generated during the table discussion.

The Stifterverband (Founders' Association) has awarded "Zu Tisch" (At the table) with the "Hochschulperle divers" (University pearl divers) of the month July 2016.

To table chronicle

Prof. Dr. Angelika Poferl, Professor of General Sociology, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology in November 2019

Jeannette Kratz, Family Service Office of the TU Dortmund University (June 2019)


Dr. Birgit Rothenberg, Head of DoBuS, Center for Higher Education, Disability Section, Dortmund Center for Disability and Studies (DoBuS) (July 2018)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Stommel, Professor of Plastics Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in May 2018


Prof. Dr. Siegrid Nieberle, Professor of Modern and Contemporary German Literature with a focus on gender and diversity, Institute of German Language and Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies November 2017


Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer, Professor of Continuous Optimization, Faculty of Mathematics in July 2017


Hannah Rosenbaum, Chair General Student Committee April 2017


Eva Prost, Head of the University Communications Department in October 2016


Prof. Dr. Liudvika Leisyte, Chair of Higher Education Didactics and Research, Center for Higher Education in June 2016.


Detlef Podehl, Head of Media Lab, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering April 2016


Martin Kötterheinrich, Head of IT & Media Center in October 2015


Dr. Joachim Kreische, Head of University Library in June 2015


Christina Vocke, Head of Student Affairs, University of Bremen in October 2014


Dr. Britt Dahmen. Head of Gender and Diversity Management, University of Cologne in June 2014.


Suat Yilmaz, Coordinator Talent Development, Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen April 2014


Dr. Karoline Spelsberg, Rectorate Officer Gender and Diversity Management, Folkwang University of the Arts in January 2014