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Diversity in teaching: International teaching and learning cultures

The event has been held annually since the 2015 winter semester and has ended.


  • Dr.Sigrid Dany, Centre for Higher Education
  • Julia Pehle, International Affairs Department


Almost every tenth student at the TU Dortmund comes to study in Dortmund from abroad. Since these students have gone through a different educational socialisation in their school and often also study years than their German fellow students, a diversity of teaching and learning cultures can be assumed in today's teaching situations.
In the first part of this workshop, we will work together to find out what German academic culture entails in comparison to the academic culture of other countries. The aim is to raise awareness of which aspects are particularly relevant when dealing with international students. In the second part, these insights will be deepened and expanded by presenting teaching cultures from the three countries from which most international students come. China, Cameroon and Turkey. We will welcome guests from these three countries.

Target group:

  • Research assistants
  • Junior professors
  • professors
  • Postdocs

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