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»As well as«

The event series has been held every semester since the summer semester of 2016 and has ended.


  •     Martina Stackelbeck, central equal opportunities officer at TU Dortmund University
  •     Dr. Helena Hartlieb, research assistant in the Equal Opportunities Office.


focused attention on women's and gender studies at TU Dortmund University on the one hand and took up current discourses within non-institutionalized feminist and gender equality movements on the other. The format addressed current social debates and brought them together with scientific questions. An overarching theme, illuminated from the various perspectives, was the unifying element. Theory and practice, culture and science were related to each other, so that synergy effects were created.

Lively discussions and the meeting of people from different contexts were expressly desired. For the participants, new impulses for their own work could arise or cooperations could develop.

»As well As« was conceived as a "Lunch Lecture" and took place at lunchtime in the University Library of the TU Dortmund.

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Events so far

  • 27.06.2019 - Body images - from body shaming to body positivity
  • 25.10.2018 -  The fascination of space travel. How women and men reach for the stars
  • 14.06.2018 - "DELETE YOURSELF!" # hatespeech: Hate speech on the net
  • 21.11.2017 - "So pretty and then in a wheelchair..."
  • 16.05.2017 - "Between career and child poo"
  • 03.05.2016 - Kick-off event with the theme: "with/out a voice" poetry slam literary studies
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