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Art and economy

The event took place from October 11, 2019 (introduction) to January 31, 2020 (final meeting).


  • Prof. Bettina van Haaren, Chair of Drawing and Printmaking (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences)
  • Prof. Wolfgang Leininger, Chair of Microeconomics (Faculty of Economics)

Collaboration: Dr Michael Kramm and Jette Flügge


This interdisciplinary seminar is offered together with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Leininger from the Faculty of Economics at the TU for art students and students of economics. It will deal primarily with creativity as a resource, both practically and theoretically. In concrete terms, this means studying not only the artistic process, but also the resulting markets and their pricing. This is where two competing standards of evaluation meet: that of artistic quality, which established art criticism seeks to determine, and that of the market and its pricing resulting from supply and demand. Historically, artistic work and commercial economic interest were long regarded as incompatible and as belonging to strictly separate spheres; the postulated autonomy of art removed it from economic logic. This view has been refuted; the seminar deals with this change using the example of the original artist's poster as an artistic object, which on the one hand arises directly from advertising interests and on the other hand is itself part of creative artistic activity. Original artists' posters from the outstanding collection of Wolfgang Leininger will be presented and discussed. Own artistic posters will be developed that advertise actual or imagined exhibitions or social concerns and that will be presented in the summer of 2020 in the Hochschuletage at Dortmunder U.

The aim of the seminar is to provide both groups of students with art-theoretical and economic perspectives on the artistic process and its institutional "marketing" to social value. In addition, posters will be created as original prints.

The seminar takes place fortnightly on Fridays from from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm