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2. Assembly of the Female Faculty Club at TU Dortmund University

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On November 30, the 2nd Assembly of the Female Faculty Club, the network of female professors at TU Dortmund University, took place. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer (CET) also hosted representatives of the Women Professors Forum of the Ruhr University Bochum, namely Professors Nikol Rummel and Beate Bender.

Prof. Nikol Rummel began her presentation by recalling the early days of the Women Professors Forum, which was founded in 2015. "The initiative came from Prof. Martina Havenith, and the network developed in a joint bottom-up process of a few committed female professors."

From the beginning, one goal was to promote career opportunities for female scientists. In addition, the importance of committee participation was to be communicated: Something can only be effected and changed if there is active participation of women in university policy committees.

"At the time of its creation, women were underrepresented in university committees; in the meantime, this has changed significantly in some places: Both the Senate and the University Council currently have a majority of women," says Beate Bender, who, like her colleague Nikol Rummel, is herself a member of the current Ruhr University Senate.

In order to achieve this goal, "grassroots work" was often required. For example, female colleagues were contacted directly and specifically encouraged to join a committee. In addition, information and experiences were exchanged in order to describe the concrete work in the committees.

Using the network strategically and socially

In addition, the Women Professors Forum also serves as a forum for further thematic and social exchange. In various formats, e.g. the lunch meeting or the annual hiking weekend, the members get to know each other, develop projects and ideas or discuss current issues.

The Assembly discussed the impulses in an animated way. The goals of the two networks are very similar, although the Female Faculty Club is much younger. Therefore, the participants sought answers to questions: How can the FFC develop further, which topics or formats should be taken up? The unanimous opinion was that the regular luncheon meetings should be placed under a thematic heading. This was further discussed and concretized during the informal exchange at the buffet in the rooms of the CET.

Shared Confluence area

At the 1st Assembly, the participants wished for the establishment of a common protected Confluence area for the members of the Female Faculty Club. This has been set up in the meantime and will continue to be populated with information. Personal admission is necessary for access. This will be automatic for any female professor who has attended either assembly or has signed up for the research matrix. If neither applies to you, but you would like access to the Confluence area, please send a message to anke.kujawskitu-dortmundde.

The date for the next lunch meeting is Thursday, January 26, 2023.