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Charter "Family in Higher Education

Family-friendly TU Dortmund

By signing the charter "Family in Higher Education", TU Dortmund University has been working in a network of universities since 2014 to further develop family friendliness specifically for the university sector: More than 120 universities and scientific institutions from all over Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland have been members of the Netzwork Familie in der Hochschule e.V. (Family in the University e.V.) since 2020.

The aim of the university network is to introduce a quality label for family orientation at German-speaking universities and to establish the network, which has been in existence since 2008, on a sustainable basis. Participating member universities share their experiences and learn from each other. An up-to-date insight into the work of Familie in der Hochschule e.V. is provided by the documentation of the 6th annual conference of FidH e.V., on October 1, 2019 at htw saar. During the Corona pandemic, the network wrote a statement on April 17, 2020 with recommendations for all groups at universities.

The association Familie in der Hochschule (Family in Higher Education) and the CHE Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (Center for Higher Education Development) jointly plead for the topic of family justice to be anchored across the board and permanently at the highest management level. A recent publication by CHE dated February 24, 2021, shows which measures for reconciling family and work or study have so far proven successful in the current crisis:  Der Weg zur familienorientierten Hochschule - Lessons Learnt aus der Corona-Pandemie ("The Road to Family-Centered Higher Education - Lessons Learned from the Corona Pandemic).


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