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Victorian Architecture

The event took place in the winter semester 2017/18.


  • Cyprian Piskurek, Department of English and American Studies (Faculty of Cultural Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sonne, History and Theory of Architecture (Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering)


Students of Mr. Piskurek's seminar "Victorian Architecture" discuss fundamental questions about the connection between architecture and culture, and about the analogy between architecture and text using the example of British architectural history of the Victorian age.

The students in the Victorian Architecture seminar will gain an architectural science perspective on the political dimensions of architecture in Prof. Wolfgang Sonne's lecture on the new British Parliament building.

In this interdisciplinary dialogue, both teachers and around 30 students from both faculties (prospective English teachers, cultural studies scholars, journalists and architects) experience how related the two subjects basically are and learn profitably from the confrontation with the respective other academic discourse.

Cyprian Piskurek, +49 231 755 7909