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Analyse and plan urban movement and play areasThe event took place in the summer semester 2012.The event took place in the summer semester 2012.

The event took place in the summer semester 2012.


  • Dr. Stefanie Kuhlenkamp, Movement Education and Movement Therapy in Rehabilitation and Pedagogy in Disability (substitute) (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Gerd Mlynczak, Office for Children's Interests, Youth Welfare Office of the City of Dortmund


The City of Dortmund aims to take greater account of the interests of children, young people and families in urban planning and action. Playgrounds and places to stay should therefore be secured in the long term and the city districts made more child- and youth-friendly. For example, the first play guidance plan was developed and published for the city district of Dortmund-Brackel.

In this seminar, we will take a close look at public space as a space for movement and play. Together with Gerd Mlynczak, the head of the Office for Children's Interests of the City of Dortmund, we will visit public places where children and young people play and stay and critically analyse and discuss the potential there.

We will learn how children and young people can be involved when it comes to planning new areas and what needs to be taken into account when designing public movement and play spaces from an educational, ecological but also economic point of view. We will also talk about current and future projects of the city of Dortmund and gain insights into how professionals see and plan urban movement and play spaces. After this seminar, you will certainly see play spaces and places, but also the city of Dortmund, with different eyes.