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Together we are strong

The event took place on 15.06.2018.


  • Prof. Dr. Tatjana Zimenkova, Didactics for Diversity and Difference in Subject Didactics and in School and Classroom Research (DoKoLL)
  • Kevin Brandt, Political Science (Faculty of Humanities and Theology)


We encounter diversity everywhere in this world and of course in our everyday lives. Take a sports team, for example. A team is made up of very different people with different talents and the better a team works together, the more likely it is that successes will be celebrated together. The society we live in is also made up of very different people. It doesn't matter whether someone is young or old, where they come from or what they look like. What matters is that every person can contribute something valuable to society. Of course, this also applies to children, so we would like to find out together with you what strength can lie in diversity.

The event will take place as part of the Children's University.