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Productive writing and interculturality

The event took place in the winter semester 2012/13.


  • Deniz Bayrak and Maria Becker, Institute for German Language and Literature (Faculty of Cultural Studies)
  • Murad Bayraktar, Editorial Director Funkhaus Europa/WDR
  • Feridun Zaimoglu, Writer


The course deals with both linguistic and literary issues. It will provide insights into aspects of writing competence, the writing process as well as various methods of creative/productive writing and procedures of text revision with a special focus on diversity.

The course will be designed as an introductory lecture, then take place in smaller seminar groups and be accompanied by guests from broadcasting (Murad Bayraktar) and from the intercultural literary world (Feridun Zaimoglu) who, among other things, will support the students' personal writing process, which forms the focus of the seminar.

The students' texts will be exhibited in printed, visual and auditory form in the Dortmunder U.


  • Strengthening intercultural competence and promoting writing competence of student teachers at TU-Dortmund.
  • Intercultural cooperation of students with different cultural backgrounds and German-Turkish public figures such as Feridun Zaimoglu (writer) and Murad Bayraktar (editorial director of Funkhaus Europa/WDR)

The students, who will soon be teaching in culturally heterogeneous classes, are to deal with integration processes themselves through encounters with multicultural and multilingual people and strengthen their ability to deal with diversity.