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Photography seminar at Dortmund Airport

The event took place in the summer semester 2012.


  • Felix Dobbert, Photography (Faculty of Art and Sports Science)
  • DEW21 / Dortmund Airport


The photographic seminar takes place on site at Dortmund Airport, whereby photographic exploration is expressly permitted for the non-public areas and security zones.

The students of the Seminar for Art and Art Studies will gain an insight into the spatial, personnel and organisational structure of an airport, enabling them to approach the topic of the airport in a variety of associative ways -emotional, global, economic, ecological, etc. .

On the one hand, the project is intended to promote the students' artistic engagement with concrete places and themes, and on the other hand, through the exhibition at the airport planned afterwards, including the publication of a catalogue, it is intended to provide airport employees, but also travellers, with new and exciting perspectives.

The drawing project by Prof. Bettina van Haaren already took place in the winter semester 2010/11 in cooperation with Dortmund Airport (catalogue).

The students' photographic works can be viewed in a public exhibition at Dortmund Airport from 30.01. to 30.04.2013.

Frau schwebt auf einem Flur durch die Luft © Silvia Klein​/​TU Dortmund
Straße mit weißem Auto © Ines Hübner​/​TU Dortmund
Zeigt Katalog Follow ME! © Archiv​/​TU Dortmund