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PEP and teaching profession

The event has taken place annually since the winter semester 2013/14 and has ended.


  • Dr.- Ing. Christoph Brandenbusch and Lisa Vahle, Thermodynamics (Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering)
  • Prof. Dr. Insa Melle and Dagmar Michna, Chemistry and its Didactics (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology)


PEP (Project work Introduction to process engineering production) is a project work of the first-year students of the Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering.

Students work in groups on questions that are thematically situated against the background of "global challenges" and with which future chemical engineers must be familiar. Tasks such as "Can fuel from algae soon power our cars?" or "New materials in aircraft construction - savings and risk?".

The assignments draw the students' special attention to the social relevance and embedding of chemical engineering and make concrete connections to everyday life. The students find links "out there" in the world to their studies and future profession, they work on topics in which they can also work later. They develop an engineering identity, their career goal becomes more tangible.

The dialogue of this event is that student teachers from the seminars "Diagnosis and individual support for students of the subject of subject-specific education" (primary school teaching profession) and "Methods and media for students of the subject of chemistry" (secondary school and primary school teaching profession) also participate.

In this cooperation, the chemical engineering students benefit especially from the didactically trained view of the student teachers on the teaching of complex subject matter. For their part, the student teachers take up interesting engineering topics in their social dimension.

The joint public poster presentation will take place on 21.01.2019 in the Rudolf Chaudoire Pavilion, CS.

Events so far

  • WiSe 2013/14, organisation Prof. Thomas Goll and Dr.-Ing. Christoph Brandenbusch, poster presentation in January 2014
  • WiSe 2014/15 to WiSe 2016/18, organisation Prof. Insa Melle and Dr.-Ing. Christoph Brandenbusch, poster presentation each January
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