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Remembrance politics and cultural memory

The event took place in the winter semester 2017/18.


  • Prof. Dr. Tatiana Zimenkova, Didactics for Diversity and Difference in Subject Didactics and in School and Classroom Research (DoKoLL)
  • PD Dr. Katharina Christa Schüppel, History of Art (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences/DoPofiL)


The event "Methods of Art History/Cultural Memory and Methods of Art History: Cultural Heritage Interculturally in the Essen Cathedral Treasury. The Image of the Saints - Sacred Images", enters into a dialogue here with the event "Can States Remember? Memory politics, its developments and logics".

Language, object culture and religion are three - always interwoven - areas in which culture, society and politics are negotiated. Linking the two courses in the context of DoProfiL brings psycholinguistics, political science, theology and art history into conversation with each other on topics of cultural diversity, community building and shared heritage concepts: cultural education and participation through the "sharing" of the world's common cultural heritage.

The dialogical structure allows students to talk about politics of memory, politics with memories and the role of material cultural heritage in belonging processes from an interdisciplinary perspective. It enables them to apply and communicate the knowledge they have acquired during the semester.

The joint events will take place on 25.01.2018 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. in EF 50, R. 4.234, and on 01.02.2018 from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. in EF 50, R. 2.242.

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