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The event took place on 30 October 2018.


  • Dr. Bastian Pelka, Hanna Linke, Social Research Centre TU Dortmund
  • Dr. Susanne Dirks, Sandra Theimann-Grey, technical employee, and other scientists, Rehabilitation Technology (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Lara Schawe, Bethel regional, Bodelschwingh Foundation


In this event, the employees and clients of the Bodelschwingh Foundation were able to discuss and, above all, practically test various technologies that are intended to make life easier and support participation.

Under the guidance of Dr Susanne Dirks and Sandra Theimann, the participants discussed and learned in particular how technical aids and modern robots can be used to support rehabilitation and care.

Hannah Linke and Lara Schawe presented results from the SELFMADE project, which deals with 3D printing. Here, the conference participants learned about the manufacture of products by means of 3D printing and discussed ideas and possible applications for the world of life and work.

In his contribution, Dr. Bastian Pelka dealt with the topic of how new technologies can be introduced to social institutions and their employees, how they can be made usable for them and how they can be involved in shaping them in order to enable all people to participate in new technologies.