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The event took place in the winter semester 2018/19 and has ended.


  • Astrid Tan, Theory of Rehabilitation and Pedagogy in Disability (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences/DoProfiL)
  • Wibke Kleina, General Didactics and School Pedagogy (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology/DoProfiL )


In this seminar, the students of primary and special education learn together and develop a relevant question on inclusive teaching and school development in the mode of research-based learning. In addition to the content-related examination of topics such as teacher cooperation or the establishment of an inclusive value basis, they reflexively deal with the team process within the mixed-teaching small group. The teachers also act interdisciplinarily in team teaching (education/rehabilitation sciences) and try to practise and demonstrate the co-construction known as the highest level of cooperation. In this way, attitudes, knowledge and competences on team and cooperation processes are to be acquired.

The course takes place on Wednesdays from 8-10 am in room 2.105.