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Gender and diversity in the organisation

The event has been held annually since the winter semester 2013/14.


  • Verena Bruchhagen, Institute of Sociology (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology)
  • Dr. Ute Zimmermann, Staff Unit Equal Opportunit, Family, Diversity (Department Personal)


Phenomena of diversity and heterogeneity currently characterise not only social developments in general, but also require a rethinking of university teaching and learning traditions.

How does diversity find its way into university culture, into subject and discipline overarching processes of teaching and learning?

Gender and diversity should be dealt with in a multi-level perspective. The thematisation of diversity and heterogeneity takes the following system levels into account:

  • Individual, subject as learning system
  • Team/group as a social system
  • Organisation, especially higher education as an organisational system

The aim of this seminar is to open up different perspectives on the topic in the professional focus of gender & diversity. In addition, students are to use the slam method to convey the contents and approaches of "Gender & Diversity in the Organisation" they have developed to other seminars at TU Dortmund University. However, these slam presentations are planned as very short inputs of a few minutes, i.e. they require a good didactic reduction of one's own argumentations.

This seminar is thus about the interweaving of appropriation and mediation, of knowledge and positions on the topic of "Gender and Diversity in the Organisation".

Methodically we work with

  1. Theory-Inputs,
  2. Individual/group work on self-selected, literature-based G & D topics, which are dealt with in the context of a specialist colloquium,
  3. with the methodical and performative preparation and execution of slam contributions.
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