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How real is reality?" - A research journey into everydayness

The event "How real is reality?" took place in the summer semester 2016.

  • Prof. Gottfried Müller, Professorship for Architectural Representation (Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
  • Prof. Bettina van Haaren, Professorship for Drawing and Printmaking (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences)


The seminar is about combining the questioning and representational approaches of architecture and art, i.e. the subjectivity, the will to express and the intention to condense with the scientific analysis and the concrete intention of the investigation for something to be built and the plan drawing. We will visit heterogeneous districts in Dortmund and graphically investigate and rearrange the everyday, social realities and urban planning as something strange and new. The aim of the seminar is drawing as a factual analysis of social conditions and interactions, of controlled reality (through marketing, for example) and as a projection surface of physical feelings, states and ideas. Intensity and interest in knowledge are always essential to the artistic process.