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Cooperation and teamwork

The event took place on 29.11.2017.


  • Astrid Tan, Theory of Rehabilitation and Pedagogy in Disability (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences/DoProfiL)
  • Wibke Kleina, General Didactics and School Pedagogy (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology/DoProfiL )


The students of the teaching professions special needs education and primary school meet in this seminar and work together on the topic of "cooperation and teamwork". In this way, the students are encouraged to engage in cross-professional exchange at an early stage and to use this multi-perspectivity to prepare themselves for future inclusive teaching/learning settings in schools.

The students deal with different aspects of cooperation and teamwork in mixed-teaching groups within the framework of station work. In doing so, they should introduce and discuss their own ideas and references, for example by imagining a dream team. In addition, best practice examples and empirically based success indicators of successful cooperation formats are presented and related to their own examples.

This didactic approach of "walking towards each other" and "learning with and from each other" is intended to show student teachers possibilities of cooperation at eye level already during their studies and thus to promote inclusion-oriented cooperation in schools and universities.

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