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Campus Entrepreneurship School: Interdisciplinary qualification offer

The event has been held regularly since the winter semester 2012/13 and has ended.


  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening, Chair of Economics and Economic Education (Faculty of Economics)
  • Angela Märtin, Research Promotion and Knowledge Transfer Unit


Inter-faculty and interdisciplinary offer of the Chair of Economics and Economic Education (Director: Prof. Dr. Andreas Liening). In addition to the semester-long offers, a compact summer school with a specific focus topic takes place once a year. Promoters in the faculties provide support.

Target groups:

Students from all faculties, especially computer science, engineering, cultural studies, economics and social sciences, graduates, academic staff, external students.


Action-oriented teaching and learning methods are used. The aim is to present start-up-related situations in their complex contexts in a realistic way. The methodology is based on an experimental three-stage blended learning model modelled on Babson College (USA). There are subject- and sector-specific events (e.g. "Founding in the Cultural and Creative Industries") and interdisciplinary events. Interdisciplinary project groups are formed as part of the interdisciplinary events.


The Campus Entrepreneurship School offers three variants of further education:

  •  Modular Entrepreneurship Education (over three semesters)
  •  Summer School (Compact course)
  • Individual Entrepreneurship Education



At the beginning there is a kick-off event, followed by two semesters in which basic entrepreneurial knowledge as well as sector-oriented specialised knowledge is taught. The groups are as heterogeneous as possible in each phase. Every year, 250 new students can be accepted.  Phase 2 is followed by a six-month practical phase (Phase 3). Here, a detailed business plan for a concrete project is developed on the basis of the fundamentals.

Teilnehmende während der Veranstaltung © Waldemar Wagner​/​TU Dortmund
Teilnehmende lauschen stehend einem Vortrag © Waldemar Wagner​/​TU Dortmund
Gruppenfoto vor "Vietnames German University" © Waldemar Wagner​/​TU Dortmund