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Architecture and space or spatial perception and blindness

The event took place in the summer semester 2012.


  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Professorship of Art History (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Renate Walthes, Professorship of Rehabilitation and Education in Blindness and Visual Impairment (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences)


Architecture and Space: Perceiving, Describing, Analysing - On Site at the St. Reinoldi City Church and the St. Petri City Church (Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel)

The seminar "Architecture and Space" is one of the central courses in the art teacher training programme. The aim is to analyse architecture, to practise the technical language and to read and interpret the historically proven schematizations in ground plans and elevations. This can hardly be done in the seminar room, since the direct experience of space and movement in space, or an analysis of the architecturally designed movement sequences, are part of a scientific study of buildings.

In the summer semester, the seminar will take place on site in at least two of the medieval churches in Dortmund. This is where another central concern of the art teacher training programme comes into play: the aim of any committed cultural education is to open up participation in cultural heritage. Increasingly, the general discussion is becoming aware that the right to participation applies to thoroughly heterogeneous groups. The seminar is therefore participating in the project "Diversity Dialogues in Studies and Teaching", which has been set up at the TU Dortmund since the summer semester 2012. It enters into dialogue with the seminar "Spatial Perception and Blindness" in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Spatial Perception and Blindness (Prof. Dr. Renate Walthes)

Assumptions of deficit, ineffectiveness and difference determine the professional discussion of the topic of spatial perception in blindness. Spatial perception without visuality is generally inconceivable, and the perception of historical buildings is also considered difficult.

The seminar Spatial Perception and Blindness deals with questions of direct and indirect spatial appropriation and spatial experience, and thus with a central issue in education for the blind. In the summer semester of 2013, the seminar is organising a professional and experiential dialogue with the seminar "Architecture and Space: Perceiving, Describing, Analysing" of the Seminar for Art and Art Studies as part of the Diversity Dialogues in Studies and Teaching.

In der Kirche testet eine Frau mit verbundenen Augen ihren Tastsinn © Lehrstuhl für Kunstgeschichte​/​TU Dortmund
Person läuft mit verbundenen Augen durch die Kirche © Lehrstuhl für Kunstgeschichte​/​TU Dortmund
eine Person mit verbundenen Augen betastet eine Wand © Lehrstuhl für Kunstgeschichte​/​TU Dortmund