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A passion for books

The event has been held regularly since the winter semester 2012/13.


  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun Marci-Boehncke, Chair of Modern German Literature (Faculty of Cultural Studies)
  • In cooperation with: Primary schools (OGS) and kindergartens Dortmund (KIDSmart project)


A passion for books 1

Reading promotion measures, especially in the out-of-school sector, often remain a "cure for the healthy". Only those children and young people take part who like to read anyway. The actual target group of those pupils who receive little support in reading socialisation at home is rarely reached. This includes children and young people from all milieus, but especially those from socially disadvantaged families, sometimes with an immigrant background and people with various disabilities. Some of them do not form a stable reading attitude throughout their lives. The solutions to this problem can only be sought in a shared responsibility for education: Kitas, schools, libraries, as public educational institutions, are the central influencing factors along with the media, parents' homes and peers. Those responsible here must know about current results and developments in reading research, they must have knowledge about the target groups and also be familiar with their media usage habits in order to be able to develop modern concepts for promoting literary skills. The "broader concept of text" presupposed here also includes work with electronic media, which can represent an important interface to literature for many young people today. In order to be able to pick them up at their media, those who promote reading must also be familiar with this offer. The seminar is aimed at those who want to promote reading as teachers or in extracurricular educational settings and who want to critically and creatively engage with the theory and practice of reading and media research.

The seminar is designed as a blended learning event. Most sessions are self-study via learning materials. There are two face-to-face sessions with compulsory attendance, one optional in case of problems with the form of work. The correct, complete, timely and independent completion of e-learning tasks counts as seminar performance. The seminar also counts towards the Certificate in Literary Pedagogy.

A passion of books 2

Reaching children and young people with reading promotion measures today often requires more than just knowledge of literary offerings and didactic possibilities. Planning promotion projects requires creativity and a good knowledge of how attention management works. Press work and sponsor advertising are necessary to be able to attractively promote reading and media in schools and libraries, even in times of limited public funding. And there is more to it - even locally - than meets the eye! Finding the right view of the market and the appropriate language, developing the courage to come up with project ideas that break traditional expectations: this is what this second part of the blended learning seminar aims to convey - again target group oriented and this time also with a special focus on the topic of "inclusion". The seminar counts as an additional offer in the context of the Certificate in Literary Pedagogy. There are two attendance dates with compulsory participation, one optional in case of problems with the form of work. The correct, complete, timely and independent completion of e-learning tasks counts as proof of performance.

The seminars are structured as blended learning events. Seminar meeting takes place in room 3.427.