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Im Vordergrund ein Reisebett für Kinder, daneben eine Gymnastikmatte, dahinter die grüne KidsBox geöffnet © Polzer Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG

The KidsBox is a rolling cabinet that becomes a nursery in one easy step. When folded out, it provides a protected area for breastfeeding and diapering.

The KidsBox contains a travel cot (also suitable as a playpen), a folding mattress and a sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor, as well as a clamp seat for docking onto your own desk. Furthermore, KidsBox contains a stool and a table for slightly older children, various toys and painting materials, a changing mat, a disinfection and first aid kit, hygiene products, books and much more that is useful and useful for smaller and larger children.

Zwei Mädchen spielen mit Spielsachen auf einer Gymnastikmatte. Ein Junge mal auf dem Schreibtisch der KidsBox © Polzer Innenausbau GmbH & Co. KG

In case you need to bring your child to the workplace, KidsBox allows you to have a kind of children's room in your office.

KidsBox can also be used to make events in your area (e.g. meetings) more child-friendly.

Faculty of Physics

The Collaborative Research Center TRR 160 of the Faculty of Physics has purchased a KidsBox, which can be borrowed within the building after consultation. Contact person is Katharina Goldack (extension 2041).

Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences

Here employees and students of the faculty can borrow the mobile children's room (MoKi). This is borrowed and reserved via the Media and Workroom for Students (MArS), room 4.418B in Emil-Figge-Strasse 50. During the semester, the MArS is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Fridays. To borrow items, use the form on display. The MoKi is located in the Scheinausgabe (4.418C). Contact person for inquiries is Dr. Regina Moritz (extension 6232).

Central Administration

All administrative employees have the opportunity to borrow the KidsBox free of charge. The KidsBox is currently located in Department 3.2 (Human Resources), Wilhelm-Dilthey-Straße 1, South Campus.

The loan can be used free of charge by all members of the TU administration after prior reservation. To do so, send an E-Mail as early as possible (two weeks in advance) and let us know when and where you need the KidsBox and for how long. This long advance notice is necessary because the transport of the KidsBox has to be organized.

Important: for organizational reasons, the delivery and removal cannot take place on a Wednesday.

The KidsBox location must be accessible without barriers, as the KidsBox is very heavy and can only be transported on wheels. The KidsBox can only be brought into buildings where TU employees work.

The transport of the KidsBox to the agreed place of use and back is organized by the Staff Office Equal Opportunities Family and Diversity together with the Department 6.1 of the TU Dortmund University.

Before the KidsBox is transported away again, it should be clean, assembled and closed. Please check the contents for completeness (list is in the KidsBox). If anything is missing, please give an E-Mail feedback.

Please urgently observe our terms of use. By using the KidsBox you accept the terms of use.

By using KidsBox, the terms of use are automatically accepted.

What do I have to pay attention to?

The use of KidsBox is at your own risk. Unsupervised use of KidsBox is not permitted.

Users are responsible for the careful handling of KidsBox and its contents.

For hygienic reasons, pillows, blankets or fitted sheets (for the mattress and travel cot) as well as diapers, wet baby wipes, etc. are not included. Used consumables (diapers, etc.) must be disposed of independently.

The play materials in the drawers of the KidsBox are an employment offer. The use of KidsBox does not mean that the room in question is child-friendly or childproof, or that the toys in KidsBox are actually suitable for the child in question. Therefore, taking into account your child's stage of development, please check in particular whether the toys are suitable for your child and pay attention to possible sources of danger in your office (cables, drawers, sockets, etc).

Please note: for organizational reasons, the delivery and removal cannot take place on a Wednesday.

When may the Kidsbox not be used?

KidsBox may not be used if the child in care has a contagious disease (chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, rubella, gastrointestinal disease or similar) or if there is a suspicion of one of these diseases.

Use is also excluded in the event of severe febrile illnesses or infestation with transmissible parasites (head lice, fleas, etc.).