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The garden SEEs

The course took place from the summer semester 2017 to the winter semester 2019 and has ended.


  • Matthias Plenkmann, Graphics (Faculty of Arts and Sport Sciences)
  • Prof. Barbara Welzel, Christopher Kreutchen, Julius Reinders, History of Art (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences)
  • Ira Diana Mazzoni, freelance journalist, and other guests


"GartenSPÄHER" explore cultural legacies: historic gardens, castles and the nature designed around them, water features, visual axes and more. They seek - literally and figuratively - ways to locate such ensembles on the external and internal maps of young people: the future monument heirs. Spaces of discourse will be developed that make the potential of cultural heritage connectable and negotiable. At the invitation of the State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg, choreographies for the appropriation of the garden monument were developed at the Seminar for Art and Art Studies at TU Dortmund University together with students of art studies and graphic arts, which were tested with pupils in the garden of Schwetzingen Palace.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (ECHY), the "GartenSPÄHER" participated in the "Europe in Westphalia" project of the LWL Monument Preservation Service to once again make the motto "Sharing Heritage" a reality in the garden of Bodelschwingh Castle. It is time for an interim conclusion. The exhibition presents the project in its diversity and the students' resulting graphics. During the exhibition and in the podium with Ira Mazzoni on 15 February 2019, the choreographies of GartenSPÄHENS and the cultural and educational potentials of garden monuments will be discussed.

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