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"Planful" is part of the initiative "SammLehr.Teaching and learning with objects" of the Mercator Foundation.

For four semesters - from the winter semester 2013/14 to the summer semester 2015 - model seminars and study projects of collection-based teaching are to be developed and implemented at TU Dortmund University within the framework of "Planful".


  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sonne, Chair of History and Theory of Architecture (Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering)
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel, Chair of Art History (Faculty of Art and Sport Sciences)


The unique objects in the NRW Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering (A:AI) use plans, models and photographs to document building in NRW since the end of the 19th century, with a focus on the post-war period. With this collection, the Technical University of Dortmund has a unique selling point that sets it apart in the higher education landscape of NRW.

The "Planvoll" teaching project, funded by the Mercator Foundation, aims to use these collection objects to deepen the understanding of the built environment and the possibilities of communicating it. The potential meaning of the objects will be examined particularly with regard to buildings and ensembles that contribute in a specific way to the formation of identity in the cities of the Ruhr region. The first focus will be on church building, and here specifically on the reconstruction of the main municipal church of St. Reinoldi in Dortmund after the Second World War. In a second step, "Planvoll" will turn to other building tasks in the community such as town hall or school buildings.

The teaching project is based on the methodological assumption that the meaning of the collection objects arises from the sensually perceptible properties of the objects. It uses the university-wide structure of "Diversity Dialogues in Studies and Teaching" and opens up the dialogue between students of architecture (civil engineering, urban planning) and student teachers of art in order to strengthen the ability to dialogue between different academic cultures.