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Gender meets activism

The course took place in the winter semester 2020/21 and has ended.


  • Dr Sara Hübscher, Institute of General and Vocational Education (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Educational Research)
  • Dr Stephanie Spanu, Institute for Social Pedagogy, Adult Education and Early Childhood Education (Faculty of Education, Psychology and Educational Research)

In the course of this dialogue event, students of the seminars

"Gender and social work using the example of early education" and

The concept of gender does not have a long tradition within the professionalisation of social work. With its entry into the professional public debate, gender as a professional category is exposed to new forms of recognition and thus "[...] at the same time to accept that gender still establishes social and individual hierarchies" (Wallner, 2014; 61). The accompanying research focus concentrates on the construction mechanisms and rule systems of "doing gender" and takes a look at the diversity of gender identities. Gender research analyses the processes of construction, taking into account the diversity of identities. The seminar deals with three pillars of the gender discourse: Gender. Historically developed discourse. Gender in socio-pedagogical fields of action and finally gender and diversity of life worlds.  

"Interaction in museum and urban space".

Interaction in museum and urban space negotiates basic educational concepts such as upbringing, education, socialisation from a cultural studies perspective and compares them with social phenomena and cultural developments - the chosen sites of negotiation are museum and urban space. In these special settings, cultural codes are negotiated in special ways and can be read, because "cultures are symbol systems whose observable surface is highly visual in nature; images and forms of design in particular, but also rituals, play a major role here." (Rimmele/Stiegler 2012). This time the focus is on the exhibition "Valie Export. Irritation of the View" in the Museum Ostwall in the Dortmunder U as well as the now digital exhibition "#onthemove - City in Motion" at the University Days in the Dortmunder U.

The dialogue consists of addressing the concept of gender in the context of social work on the one hand and drawing on cultural studies perspectives and artistic works on the other. Both seminars take on the task of casting a multi-perspective on a much-discussed concept. It is very invigorating to link different theories and fields of practice with each other.