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Diversity Lunch Talks

Queer* Peers - The network of queer* employees at TU Dortmund University presents a new series of talks during Diversity Month in May.

The Diversity Lunch Talks want to inform about diversity and queer lifestyles, make them visible and discussable and thus counteract discrimination.

All people at TU Dortmund University - students, employees from technology, administration and science as well as professors - are cordially invited to get into conversation with each other. Because dealing with

diversity concerns us all.

Lunch Talks will take place from 12:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. each day at Zoom. Feel free to eat with us in front of your screen!

Dates 2023

In this input Djalila Boukhari works with us on the topics of racism (critique) and intersectionality. Increasingly, institutions and members of the white majority society are dealing with the topics of racism, flight and intersectionality and their implementation in practice. But what does critique of racism in relation to flight and intersectionality actually mean and what is its goal? How can these topics be dealt with and treated without burdening people who have experienced racism on the one hand and losing focus on the complexity and impact of racism on the other?

Djalila Boukhari positions herself as a queer WoC (Woman of Color) and studied social work in Cologne. Her work focuses on the intersection of racism critique, sexual & gender diversity, empowerment and awareness. As a freelance speaker and empowerment trainer, she focuses on how queer issues can be addressed in society in a critical and intersectional way.

On the occasion of the International Day against Homo-, Bi-, Inter*-, Trans*-, and Asexual-Hostility (IDAHOBITA), which takes place annually on May 17th, we have a representative of TransInterQueer e.V. as a guest to talk about intersexuality. We will first approach the word Inter* and understand what it describes and which groups of people use it for themselves. After that we will take a look at different realities of life of inter* persons and deal with forms of discrimination that play a role. Lastly, we will cover some spotlights of the history of Inter* empowerment and understand what the legal situation looks like today. Afterwards we will have time for questions and conversation.

Books keep us in suspense, they move us to tears, make us laugh and give us comfort. They are a mirror of our reality - queer people exist and should therefore also find themselves in stories. But what makes a book queer in the first place?

That's what we'll talk about in this Lunch Talk with queer author, blogger, and sensitivity reader Marius Schaefers. There will also be lots of queer book tips and plenty of space to talk about them, ask questions - or just listen.

We are looking forward to seeing you!