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Diversity Month May

May is Diversity Month at TU Dortmund University! Around the German Diversity Day on 23.5. we have put together a program of events that take place on campus and deal with different aspects of diversity. These include, for example, lectures, exhibitions and exchange rounds that deal with topics such as gender diversity, interculturality, inclusion and accessibility.

The goal of Diversity Month is to make visible the work of many actors* at TU Dortmund University who create awareness for the importance of diversity and inclusion in the academic world. Together, we want to promote an open and respectful atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Would you like to add an event? Then feel free to contact Elisabeth Brenker!

May 9 till 25, 2023

EF50, Foyer: Exhibition "WE ARE PART OF CULTURE"

WE ARE PART OF CULTURE (WAPOC) is an art exhibition, conceived by the project 100% Mensch. It shows queer personalities from antiquity to the present day, who have had a lasting impact on European society and our culture. The portraits of the personalities were created by nationally and internationally known artists* especially for WAPOC. The exhibition promotes diversity, respect and acceptance. It creates role models and identification figures, and shows: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer people have always played a decisive role in shaping our society.

The exhibition WE AREPART OF CULTURE was funded 2017 - 2019 by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal program "Democracy Live!" and the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

From May 9 - 26, 2023 WE ARE PART OF CULTUREwill beon display in the foyer of Emil-Figge-Str. 50 at the North Campus of the TU Dortmund University. At the exhibition opening on May 9, 2023 at 11 a.m., exhibition coordinator Holger Edmaier will be a guest and report on the art project.

Monday, May 22, 2023

To kick off Sustainability Week at TU Dortmund University, the Studierendenwerk is starting with a sustainability market in the cafeteria foyer. Suppliers and alternative providers will present their products here. Sustainable concepts also have the opportunity to present themselves and their offers.

These suppliers are on site:

Farmer Baumeister - the egg specialist from the region

BEbananas - delicious banana bread made from rescued bananas

Milchof Billmann - our milk supplier from Waltrop

Broodwormfarm - sustainable feed from mealworms

BUND Dortmund - with real Dortmund apple juice

EDG Dortmund - cityscape care for Dortmund

Ernährungsrat Dortmund - shaping an ecological and sustainable food system

Fairtradebee - fairly produced bee baskets (#faitradebee)

Greenspacemanufaktur - vertical gardens and microgreens

Leguminosennetzwerk - promoting the cultivation of native legumes

Studierendenwerk Dortmund - provider of the diverse university catering services

As part of the Sustainability Week at TU Dortmund University, the AStA is organizing a joint cooking evening with Ms. Lose. For more information, please see the website of the Sustainability Office.

Registration is requested.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

12 to 2 p.m. | Mensabrücke: Action for the German Diversity Day

For the 11th German Diversity Day, a large TU logo will be created on the Mensa bridge, which can be designed by anyone who wants to. Many diversity activists from TU Dortmund University will be on site and available to talk to.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

The company health management and the university sports department of TU Dortmund University are planning a day of action around the topics of health and action. The annual campus run will take place in the afternoon.

Further information will follow.

At the Parents' Café at TU Dortmund University, parents who study here with a child, parents who work here with a child, and those who want to become parents meet for a joint exchange. Fathers and mothers meet in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about questions regarding childcare, financing options or give each other tips on how to reconcile family life with studies, research or work.

Children are welcome to attend, and play facilities are provided.

Further information

Books keep us in suspense, they move us to tears, make us laugh and give us comfort. They are a mirror of our reality - queer people exist and should therefore also find themselves in stories. But what makes a book queer in the first place?

That's what we'll talk about in this Lunch Talk with queer author, blogger, and sensitivity reader Marius Schaefers. There will also be lots of queer book tips and plenty of space to talk about them, ask questions - or just listen.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

More information about the Diversity Lunch Talks in May

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Sprachcafé offers international students the opportunity to engage in a joint exchange, to have exciting conversations and to use or improve their German language skills in the process.

Target group: International students

Friday, May 26, 2023

With the project "Get your Group" , the Sustainability Office offers a space for exchange on the topic of sustainability. Whether concrete ideas, or "only" own motivation. Everyone is welcome. Interested parties can get together in groups and together make their own sustainability ideas more concrete.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

IbS stands for Interessengemeinschaft behinderter, chronisch krankker und nicht behinderter Studierender. The meeting is open to all and takes place every two months. In a cozy atmosphere, with snacks and drinks, different prepared topics are discussed. Participants can also bring their own concerns. The regular meetings are also for networking - new faces are always welcome!

This meeting:

May 30, 2023 will be about, among other things, the semester ticket reimbursement process and preparing a joint booth for the summer festival. Otherwise, there will also be time for free exchange.

For the summer festival, we are currently planning to design a stand on the do's and don'ts of dealing with people with disabilities. In this way, we want to lower inhibitions, but also set limits so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Eat & Read is a meeting place for TU Dortmund students and employees to read and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

Target group: All employees and students of TU Dortmund University as well as external guests.